Teaching the Value of Hard Work to Young People

Luiza Vickers

Youth today are often referred to as the Strawberry Generation, which implies that they are growing up in sheltered environments. They are being pampered well; so much so that some of them forget that there is greater fulfillment in hard work as opposed to getting what they want without much effort.

According to Luiza Vickers, businesswoman, quickly handing out the demands of a child can cause serious consequences when they get older. Nowadays, kids can demand the latest gadget or toys, and loved ones won’t even bat an eye. There seems to be a trend of growing pampered children, which also creates a generation of spoiled youth.

Where it all goes wrong

In truth, there is a satisfaction for parents to be able to give whatever their child desires without worrying about cost or procurement. With technological advancements and the digital age, virtually anything can be acquired through the touch of a button.

Of course, going back to the unseen and unheard children of the 18th century is far from ideal, but there should also be a distinction between acceptable behavior and bad attitude. Nowadays, children are more expectant of being provided for as opposed to older generations.

 Luiza Vickers also observes how the youth of today do not appreciate the value of working hard for what they want. She noticed that although they get their desires, children are still mostly unhappy, depressed and even more demanding.

Luiza Vickers wants the value to be learned

luiza vickers
Luiza Vickers

“Everything is automated these days, which means that there are many virtues that we need to introduce to young people, such as patience and hard work,” says Vickers.

Indeed, young people need to learn about how hard work and toiling by their own hands to help them reach their heart’s desire. There is a lesson to be had in achieving a milestone independently and working for it diligently.

It’s also important to understand that learning these values don’t come solely from the four corners of a classroom. It has to start right at home, which is why parents should be the first ones to uphold such virtues and show their children that life isn’t as easy as counting 1,2,3. Luiza Vickers adds, “it’s utterly more fulfilling when anyone, not just young people, turns their dreams into reality by working hard. It’s their sole effort that led them to their goal.”

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