Junk Dump: Supermarkets Sell Diseases and Cancer

The supermarket is a food haven. When you go to one of the big retail chains in the country, you will see aisles upon aisles of food products displayed on tall shelves.

While the fresh produce section might be the most valuable, many people are turning towards the nutrient-poor options, observes Luiza Vickers, a renowned New York businesswoman. “The problem is that most of the low-cost groceries also have low nutritional value,” she adds.

Unhealthy grocery shopping

According to a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, grocery stores and supermarkets are the primary seller of energy-dense, sweetened and processed foods that are linked to severe health conditions like diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and cancer.

Almost half of the US adults involved in the study consume sugar-sweetened drinks on any given day. Half of what they drink is bought from supermarkets. Luiza Vickers commented that supermarkets might be doing more harm than good when it comes to food options. “We unknowingly become victims of bad grocery choices. To save up on meals, we tend to go for the cheaper options, such as boxed meals or canned goods,”

Vickers further adds, “even the stuff we think are ‘healthy’ like wheat bread and lentil chips can give you more sodium than you need in a day, and that’s not good.”

Luiza Vickers take on how supermarkets do business

Grocery stores and supermarkets quickly expand their businesses because a steady stream of consumers comes every day. Also, retailers tend to discount sweets and junk treats twice as much as healthy foods. These deals urge buyers to stock up on less expensive options, which consequently prompts them to consume more junk daily.

“What’s bothering me most of all is that some big retailers would spearhead charities that support cancer, diabetes, and more, asking their patrons to donate on the fund. However, the same retailers still sell disease-causing products, and that seems ironic for consumers,” believes Luiza Vickers.

Unfortunately, getting groceries to stop displaying such hazardous products might be next to impossible. As long as it keeps the business rolling, there’s no reason for retailers to stop offering junk and unhealthy foods.

“It is up to us consumers to be more diligent about our choices,” Vickers says further. “Let’s always go for healthier food options like fresh vegetables and fruits, and be mindful about the nutritional value of each item we pick up at the grocery.”

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