A Heaven on Earth is possible through Love and Kindness

The beauty of humans is that we are capable of upholding virtues to make this world a better place. To Luiza Vickers, New York businesswoman, love and kindness are two superior attributes that have the power to change the world.

With all the controversies and problems that disturb the peace on a global scale, it’s a challenge to uphold these virtues against hate and anger. It takes great effort to remember that although vague and immaterial concepts, love and kindness can be granted consciously to one another.

Start within oneself, Luiza Vickers advises

Based on Chinese philosophy, human nature is inherently good. Humans are capable of being good according to Confucian philosopher Mencius, even when not all can be defined as such. Therefore, we all have the innate tendency to be kind to one another.

For Luiza Vickers, leading by example is the best way to spread love and kindness to humanity. “We have to love, respect, and be kind to ourselves before we can treat other people with the same virtues.

“Starting within oneself helps us view the world more positively,” Vickers adds. “It is how we create a culture of love and kindness.”

When we are good with ourselves, we also develop actions and habits that are beneficial for the people around us. We realize our good-natured potential and create a safe space that we want for ourselves.

“No matter how simple or small acts of kindness and love we show, as long as genuine, we can live a happy, fulfilled life with others,” Vickers states.

Enhancing the quality of life

Love and kindness improve one’s quality of life once they are practiced daily. When you have these two virtues to guide the way you see the world, you cannot be dominated by bitterness, anger or resentment. You will have a deeper understanding of other people around you and be more considerate about how you deal with people.

“We all want peace, but most of the time, the external influences keep us from achieving that peace,” Luiza Vickers explains.

“When you are loving and kind, the peace you yearn for will start in you and spread to the people who surround you. It’s highly contagious, so to speak,” muses Vickers.

Heaven on earth is not an impossible concept. It just means that we choose to do good every day, and prefer to act with love and kindness rather than let negative thoughts and feelings overpower us. As humans, we are capable of going above and beyond what is expected of us.

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